Our Services

At Premier Financial Advisors, we have the breadth and depth of exper tise to assist our clients with ever y aspect of their financial situation. In our comprehensive approach, we look at the complete picture to ensure all components are working together. Our integrated ser vices are represented in the four main areas depicted in the diagram on the right. Click on a section to find more information about each topic:

  • Minimizing your taxes
  • Creating an estate plan
  • Planning for college
  • Getting married
  • Planning for retirement
  • Developing a charitable giving strategy


Minimizing your taxes
To maximize long-term asset growth, you need to minimize the taxes you pay. Premier Financial Advisors can assist with tax-minimization strategies in a number of areas, leaving a greater portion of your assets available to grow over time.

Creating an estate plan
Leaving a legacy is a high priority for many individuals. When it comes to developing tax avoidance strategies and formulating a plan for distributing assets to your heirs, you can turn to Premier Financial Advisors for sound advice and practical guidance.

Planning for college
Meeting the challenge of rising higher education costs is easier when you have a good college savings plan in place. But between loans, grants, and 529 plans, the choices can be overwhelming. We can help you navigate the options and develop the right plan.

Getting married
Many couples struggle with the less romantic but very real financial aspects of marriage. At Premier Financial Advisors, we can help you identify in advance the common planning pitfalls that catch many newlyweds off guard.

Planning for retirement
To live the life you envision in retirement, you need a thoughtful strategy today. We can put structure around retirement planning; how much to save, what vehicles to fund first, and how to allocate your assets, so that you can get started right away.

Creating a charitable giving strategy
Charitable giving is most effective for both individuals and the organizations they support when itís done as part of a well-designed strategy. For donors, it can also entail significant tax advantages. Whatever your objectives for charitable giving, we can structure an appropriate strategy for you.

Our services fall into the four main areas depicted above. Click on a section for information on that topic.