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At Premier Financial Advisors, we have the breadth and depth of expertise to assist our clients with ever y aspect of their financial situation. In our comprehensive approach, we look at the complete picture to ensure all components are working together. Our integrated ser vices are represented in the four main areas depicted in the diagram on the right. Click on a section to find more information about each topic:

  • Managing family assets
  • Analyzing stock options
  • Monitoring and re-balancing your portfolio
  • Developing concentrated stock strategies


Managing family assets
Assuming stewardship of family assets often entails significant financial obligations. We can assist you in this important role and manage any fiduciary concerns that arise from investing assets that are not your own.

Analyzing stock options
Understanding what your stock options are worth and when it makes sense to exercise them can be challenging. Through careful analysis, we can help you make the most of your options while minimizing their tax implications.

Monitoring and re-balancing your portfolio
Keeping your portfolio on track to meet your long-term objectives requires careful monitoring and disciplined periodic rebalancing. We will ensure that your portfolio maintains the proper asset mix given your return objectives and risk tolerance.

Developing concentrated stock strategies
Effectively unwinding concentrated stock positions is a delicate balance of risk reduction and tax minimization. Premier Financial Advisors has the expertise to help you manage this balancing act.

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Our services fall into the four main areas depicted above. Click on a section for information on that topic.